Arts and Culture

Key objectives
  • To develop and promote living culture, cultural villages, indigenous technologies, film and video industry, arts industry, marginalized languages, literature and religious programmes
  • To co-ordinate, monitor, support and/or fund programmes by Provincial Geographic Names Committee (PGNC), Mpumalanga Arts and Culture Council (MACC), Pan South African Language Board (PanSAlb), Moral Regeneration Movement, CRAM and other relevant stakeholders.
Programmes to Communities
  • Facilitation and coordination of Mpumalanga Arts and Culture Programmes
  • Letsa Letsemba mobile craft project enhance the skills in crafters and artists
  • Establishment of arts and culture forums in regions.
  • Provincial Geographical Names Committee (PGNC) programmes and the Mpumalanga Arts and Culture Council funding programmes
  • Offer and/or coordinate workshops on film and video, drama, stage management, indigenous music, poverty alleviation projects
  • Encourage communities to visit cultural villages and to use those facalities for community events
  • Co-ordinate moral regeneration and Nepad chapter affairs
  • Facilitation of unity and tolerance programmes within different religions
  • Promote provincially marginalised languages namely isiNdebele and isiSati and establishment of their Terminology in different field of education through the Provincial Language Committee

Sports and Recreation

Key Objectives
  • To advance sport and recreation for the benefit of communities
  • To provide sport and recreation facilities, promote indigenous games, streamline and responsibilities for all stakeholders as well facilitation of transformation and development programmes in sport & recreation
Programmes to Communities
  • Upgrading and renovating sports and recreation facilities
  • Promotion of Sports Letsema, the spirit of volunteerism
  • Facilitation of capacity building programmes
  • Promotion of indigenous games in communities
  • Co-ordination of South Africa Games programmes
  • Facilitation of Farm and Rural recreation programmes
  • Together with municipalities facilitate the democratic formation of sport councils/bodies
  • Provide funding for federations and other sporting institutions.
  • Promotion of mass participation programmes
  • Promotion, regulation and monitoring of transformation sport
  • Promotion of Maputo-Mpumalanga MOU through youth games and civil servant sport.
  • Facilitation of the Siyadlala Programme in identified communities
  • Heritage & Library Information Services

Heritage & Library Information Services

Key Objectives
  • Establish and improve library infrastructure
  • Electronic linking of public libraries to provide electronic access to information
  • Marketing and promoting of Library & Information Services
  • Provision of Regional Library Services to public libraries through regional libraries
  • Facilitation and Establishment of Cenotaph projects
  • Promotion, transforming and restoration of Museums and heritage sites
  • Establishment of Archive Centre for preservation of archive material
  • Collaboration with other Heritage statutory bodies and NGOs
  • Manage grants to Heritage Institutions, e.g. SAHRA
  • Establishment of Cultural Museums
  • Facilitate the Provisions of Provincial Archival Infrastructure
  • Provision of record management and Archival Services
Programmes to Communities
  • Purchasing, marketing, promotion, processing and provisioning of library material to more than 139 public libraries and 1 Central Reference Library
  • Effective use of electronic information networks
  • Establishment of regional cenoptaphs
  • Provision of efficient museum services
  • Restoration & Revamping of Heritage sites
  • Management  of administration of 6 Regional libraries
  • Provide Central Reference Library Services
  • Rendering professional support in library and information management activities and programmes
  • Campaign programmes that create awareness on national symbols, importance of archives and archival material, museums and heritage preservation.