Get reading with thousands of ebooks from Mpumalanga Department of Culture, Sport and Recreation’s digital library.


1. Creating your account

 Scan this QR code to register to 1. the MDCSR eLibrary: 2.Once the page has opened in your browser, click “Let’s get started” On the following page sign in with your Google or Microsoft account or create a Snapplify account. 3. Once registered, the Mpumalanga Department of Culture, Sport and Recreation elibrary can be accessed directly at in the future.


 2. Finding ebooks in the library

1.Finding ebooks in the library Log in to your e-library and navigate to the library by clicking 'Library' at the top of your screen.

2. Use the ‘Browse Library’, ‘Collections’ and ‘Categories’ sections to browse prepopulated titles – or use the search bar at the top of your screen to search for a title, author, or ISBN. 

3. When you've found a title you'd like to check out of the library, select the green 'Check Out' button.

4. Once you’ve checked out an ebook, the title will appear under ‘My Reading’ (which you can find in the Home section of the e-library) and will be available to download and read when you log in to the Snapplify Reader app. The loan period of the elibrary book will indicate when it will automatically return itself to the library.

Snapplify Reader App - For reading your ebooks offline Once you’ve completed your sign-up and have access to your department’s e-library, you'll need to download and log into the Snapplify Reader app using the same login credentials. You can download the app from or the
App Store.