Department of Culture, Sport and Recreation clears issues around local beneficiation 

The Department of Culture Sport and Recreation in Mpumalanga has taken note of social media posts in which people raise concerns about the inclusion of local artists in the Metro FM Awards ceremony and accompanying events.

The Department would like to put it on record that in the crafting of all activities which are going to take place to support the Metro FM Awards and the Awards ceremony, consideration has been taken to include Mpumalanga based artists. 

In the process, the Department consulted with the creative industry through CCIFSA and to find the cohort of artists available and suitable for the catalogue of Metro FM. To this end, Mpumalanga artists have been allocated four (4) spaces for the Pre-party, five (5) for the after party and a performance on the gala event.

This is a huge opportunity for these Mpumalanga artists to shine on the national stage. It is also a huge opportunity for those at the backstage.

The Metro FM music Awards also has a social responsibility programme attached to it. Metro FM will also be holding a music conference on the 4th of May with over 300 artists invited. 

Furthermore, promoters and suppliers from Mpumalanga have been contracted by Metro FM to supply goods and services, from food to security services. The Department is happy with the progress and the state of readiness for the Metro FM awards.

We are optimistic that the Metro FM Awards are going to bring the kind of vibrancy we need to position Mbombela as the entertainment capital of the province and to stimulate our economy.